Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearings


Wheel bearings play an important role in your vehicle’s performance on the road. They help your vehicle’s tires spin freely with as little friction as possible, bear the weight of your vehicle, and handle steering forces when it corners.

Wheel bearings are lubricated with some pretty heavy duty grease. In many modern vehicles, the bearings are contained within sealed hub assemblies. These sealed assemblies do not require any routine maintenance, but when the assembly goes bad, it must be replaced.

Keep Wheel Bearings in Top Condition

It’s important to keep wheel bearings in top condition because total wheel bearing failure can be serious. When a bearing gives out, the wheel may seize up. Just imagine what it would be like to have one of your vehicle’s wheels suddenly stop turning at high speed. In extreme cases, the wheel can even separate from the vehicle.

When to Have Wheel Bearings Checked

One sign of a wheel bearing going bad is hearing chirping, whining, rumbling or other similar noises coming from a wheel. Theses sounds may stay constant or vary at different speeds.

Wheel bearing checks often take place when the tires are rotated, during brake repairs, or when the suspension is worked on. NAPA Auto Care technicians look for too much movement in the bearings, a sign they are wearing out. We also look for grease streaks radiating out from the hub, indicating that the seal is leaking and it’s time to replace the assembly.

If you notice of these of these warning signs of bearings going bad, don’t wait to repair it. Bring it in as soon as possible and we’ll perform a thorough inspection. We put your safety first, and are honored when you trust us with your precious vehicle’s care.